Our schools have been underfunded for years, and our students and teachers have been greatly impacted. On the state level, our new governor is committed to start repairing the damage that has been done by restoring funding. But on the local level, blaming children, their parents, or the superintendent will not solve our problems. We have to address them with innovation and collaboration before it gets worse.

The reasons I am motivated to run are not very different than five years ago. Madison is still experiencing a persistence opportunity gap among our students of color, our teachers continuing to experience dehumanization of their professions with poor working conditions and school lockdowns have increased drastically. 

Proactive Prevention for Safer Schools

Work and learning conditions are essential components of great schools. Teachers deserve respectful work conditions that includes updated facilities where they feel safe. Students deserve a learning environment free of bullying, violence and racial profiling. 

Madison is now experiencing the symptoms of a less-than-optimal education system.  What our school board needs is a community member that knows what our children and their families are going through and have the personal experience and interest to ensure our schools thrive, along with all our students including our students of color, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities.

Increased violence, theft, and guns in the hands of children are social problems I’ve seen growing up. We must address this problem by changing our education system to better serve our students and promote teacher leadership. Like me, many people transplanted to Madison due to its beauty and rich culture -our schools deserve to also be on the postcard.

I have proactively worked to address violence in our schools while reducing racial disparities. As a board member I will prioritize facilities updates to ensure our students and staff feel safe as well as strengthening our school community.  

I will also advocate:

  • Investing in support staff to engage with Youth and community partners. 
  • Strengthening implementation of Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices through a equity lens
  • Increasing comprehensive resources to mental-health and counseling services
  • Reducing exclusionary practices that impacts students of color and students with disabilities

Civic Engagement 

Family partnerships and students’ leadership are key indicators of student’s success.  Communities thrive when youth and families engage with our institutions. As a public servant I understand the importance of being a servant leader. My academic and professional career have connected to Madison College, as an alumni, former staff and now board member. I choose to serve in community serving organizations that have a mission to elevate equity in our community i.e. Forward Community Investments, Badger Rock Neighborhood Center and Overture Center for the Arts Community Advisory Board.  

I will promote:

  • Schools that are culturally competent 
  • School climate that fosters student engagement and eliminate discipline gaps
  • Increasing Board members and leadership’ understanding the reason why we must place a focus on the issue of equity.
  • Creating equity-centered professional development, curriculum, and instructional leadership support.
  • Establishing assessment tools to detect any board policies and/or district practices that perpetuate inequities.

All Students and All Teachers Belong in our Schools

Engaged students are more likely to have higher academic achievements and graduate on time. Everyone benefits when students feel a greater sense of belonging! School climate improves, behavior referrals decline, and staff feel connected to their workplace. We can and should have all students and all teachers experience health schools and health communities!  

I will advocate:

  • Increasing accountability measuring different racial student groups
  • Increasing support for English Learners and ensure that we are scaffolding services
  • Strengthening instructional inclusive practices i.e. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and co-teaching to address instructional gaps for students with disabilities
  • Aligning districts' efforts with the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA), to support the health and well being of our students


I am a proud LaFollette parent and I have been committed to Madison Schools personally and professionally for over a decade. I have successfully organize families to end late lunches and class overcrowding. I have voted for every referendum to increase funding in our schools and have worked directly with our school staff to improve our school climate and decrease bullying and violence in our classrooms and hallways. My life’s work has revolved around ensuring Madison is an equitable and inclusive place for all residents. As a board member I will ensure we allocate resources to make Madison a school sought out by all residents.